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tv   Making Money With Charles Payne  FOX Business  January 18, 2016 6:00pm-7:01pm EST

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new tonight on strange inheritance 9:00 and 9:30. deirdre: i'll be there, jamie colby. thank you so much. >> thank you. deirdre: host of strange inheritance. thank you for joining us here on risk and reward. making money with charles payne starts now. >> i know wins again, the country still buzzing over the deal and whether it was worth the cost and opening the door to dozens more americans like what is happening in iraq. and evangelicals will cause more problems as he tries to win over the south? and markets closed today but will it be free falling against democrat or france declaring an economic emergency? first my take on the values but first exchanging hostages for seven iranian prisoners. fifth also released but separate from the exchange. and gop candidates calling this a dangerous deal. >> what thwhat the president's now doing not just with this but what he did with
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the castro brothers and bergdahl is he has put a bad. >> the result of this every bad actor has been told go capture an american. capture an american and president obama is in the let's go make a deal business. charles: so how dangerous is this? this is what the administration would say. iran shipped 98% of their fuel to russia, they've dismantled 12,000 centrifuges and put minute into their core principl reactor. what's wrong with that? >> they're getting $157 billion, they're continuing to enrich -- basically continuing to export terrorism around the region in the world. so what are we getting actually? we're getting poor diplomacy, we're getting them laughing at us and emboldening iran, basically putting saudi arabia
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and the rest of that region on edge and basically going to start to build up their weaponry and here we go. deirdre: you have to wonder how much more donald -- they snatch sailors, they treat them like prisoners of war, humiliate us, make one of the guys put the message on video tape and put it on tv. >> yeah, looked with all the things that they have done the iaea has not inspected any of the nuclear sites. john kerry referred to the current agreement, which is changed from the agreement we all heard about, which does not require that the iaea do those inspections. so the agreement was even lessoned. we are now interestingly the hostage. obama's approach has made america beholden to what obama wants, the weak ones with no friends, the ones with no ability to extract ourselves from this position. so obama's dynamic of perhaps wanting to create a newer quality around the world because america's been too
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powerful. all of his actions seem to lead us into this framework making us ultimately now the new hostage. >> i think that's a very pungent way to put it with, and it gets to the truth that we are desperate to maintain this deal no matter what. so the iranians can push and push and push, and we're going to take it. charles: right. >> and broader theory of this deal besides freezing the nuclear iranian program is that it would embolden iranian moderates when it has done the opposite. political arrest increased and adventurism around the region has increased. >> i think this year is going to be one of the more dangerous years with the obama administration not only with penn and the phone but his negotiating on behalf of america and giving up more and more of our leverage so to speak. and i think the next one on tap is russia. and we -- russia's in turmoil right now. their economy is very, very fragile. and i think him and kerry are going to go in and be the
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white knight's for putin. charles: what do you mean, though? give me an example. >> for example, he's negotiating with cuba, negotiating with iran. what's next? i mean he's negotiating with all of our perceived and real enemies and when, in fact, he's isolating israel and a lot of our true allies. charles: well, there's no doubt we boxed this whole thing with syria and russia is taking a leadership position. but the idea that you would have seven people convicted or accused of violations and in exchange for individuals who were hostages. >> uh-huh. charles: and then you try to put a happy face on that or some type of diplomatic victory, which of course the obama administration has done, is really bewildering to me. >> well, it's the opposite because it conflates the two. the innocent individuals are the same as criminals. charles: sure. >> but keep in mind they just violated the sanctions. they weren't sending grain and milk home to their starving families. these are individuals who are steeling is secrets from american companies from the american government and sending over. they were sending mechanisms,
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parts, and elements that help the military infrastructure and the air force infrastructure. these were very dangerous things. they will have cause deaths of people. they will cause more deaths. so when you hear these nonviolent, nonterrorists, these were serious spies that were doing incredible damage to this nation -- charles: right of the seven six had dual citizenship, i don't know if that's going to create another dilemma in and of itself. but it does back and fort bother you. they had general businesses in these cities and towns turns out they were fronts but it makes people wonder. >> and that h word is crucial. hostage. this makes it deal exactly what they were in iran, they were arrested and detained for no cause whatsoever. and it also sh she does sheds this light a couple of weeks ago iran tests these ballistic missiles, the administration pounds the table and says we're going to impose more severe sanctions and then they didn't. why didn't they?
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because they wanted the hostages back. charles: senator, let me ask you about -- sure. >> there's two more. we didn't get all of our hostages. charles: right? >> they do not know where rick is and another man taken and we weren't even given information there. so we couldn't get all the americans out. charles: we've got 14 people -- 14 other people who either spied or were attempting to do some work on iran.
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for a gain of 334%. each are hard out. i know your 401(k) isn't doing well. that's of course on top of the $150 billion of frozen assets. iran will now have access part of this nuclear deal. so, rich -- >> is there a way to get in that fund? charles: yeah, if any manager says give this, you know? now it's 35 years, that will give you 4.5%, i'll give you 335,000, all you have to do is build a nuke in your backyard. >> tax-free too. >> this is so-called clearing the decks we're clearing the decks with them but they're not clearing the decks with us and all of them are terrified. because the saudis and iranians are involved in a death struggle, who's going to have more influence in the region? and we're sending all of these
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goodies around. most importantly the $100 billion in sanctions relief. so it makes no sense butting the regime that is attacking the loggerheads with our ally saudis. >> and this is not diplomacy. it was the english, it was europeans paying money to the vikings to not attack them and you can't call that diplomacy. and it also signals massive weakness that you don't feel you can defend yourself in the normal way, and it tells -- and, look, this may be the obama agenda that this is about signaling to the world's filing that america is not worthy. that america is not powerful. that america will behave accordingly. and that is as you have said, senator, very dangerous. >> i think that's a great point but thunder administration it's a change of case. and i think taking those sailors was a message actually saudi arabia. parade them in front of the media and show them, by the way, your big american allies they're nothing.
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by the way, we shot iraq at 150 yards and and they did nothing and, by the way, we're getting 150 billion -- it's on and on and on. charles: i remember in 2007 when iran took those british boats and that's when it was revealed to the world just how toothless they had become. some were seated to brussels because all of europe one nation kind of thing. some declined letting the military gun out and then you saw all of a sudden they had to negotiate for weeks. they couldn't go in there like argentina and take. they had to negotiate almost beg. and you wonder is this the inflection point for america? should we say, hey, it's a wake-up call. our military has been the weakest ever certainly since world war ii. are countries going to start to challenge us? >> well, if you look -- there's no substitute for strength. if you look at the hostage crisis, when do those hostages come home? the day ronald reagan was nothing rated. charles: wow. >> and you make more of what
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you subsidize. and as we pay for the abuse that is heaped upon us, people will think we want it, and we'll get more. charles: all right, guys. and there's some heart aching news from the entertainment world. died from rheumatoid arthritis also pneumonia. he had been battling intestinal issues for months. while recovering, he took a turn for the worst and passed away in new york city early today. he was one of the founding members of the eagles. wrote many of their songs such as heartache tonight. eagles ban don wrote he was like a brother to me. we were families and like most families there was some dysfunction but the bond we forged 45 years ago was never broken even during the 14 years that the eagles were dissolved. but i'm grateful every day that he was in my life. also went to a successful solo career in the 1980s with the hits you belong to the city
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and the heat is on. 67 years old. ♪ ♪
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. charles: according to iraqi officials three were captured out of their apartment over the weekend. they were performing security operations to baghdad neighborhood when gunmen allegedly snatched them want to had a car convoy. they're usually carried out by isis and militia. but so far nobody taking claim for this. former senator brown and. rob, what are the first thoughts you had when you heard about this?
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because a lot of people on edge right now about perhaps an increase in this after this iran deal. >> what i'm thinking right now, charles, is first thought was be careful if you want to work in iraq. still not a careful place regardless of your original. i certainly wouldn't be doing the shady traveling that these three were doing. two men and a woman. they were with supposedly an interpret. there's claim that they were invited back to his apartment but captured out of a building next door, which is famous for being a brothel and wisky house, a lot of elicit stuff going on there. i wouldn't be there doing that work, too dangerous, i certainly wouldn't be rolling around town with my interpreter. charles: you know, the thing is i know people -- and i have one of my best friends who has been in the middle east for the last ten years, and they get very comfortable with the locals sometimes. i guess in this particular case to their detriment. but you've got to wonder now how many are going to be picked off. not to hurt them but for ransom.
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this is going to be dicey. >> yeah. not only of the islamic state but you've also quite concerningly got the iran shi'ite militants that are running around this neighborhood. i think there's a lot of concern to the extent which iran knows about this. that's something that we need more details about at this point. charles: well, isis we know one of the big moneymakers as oil farming but also. a big, big deal. again, these contractors always controversial to a certain degree. particularly security contractors. what do you think of that role? because remember back with bush and there was this big push back against them but also a movie like 13 hours, which actually under scores the fact that these guys are -- at the end of the day patriots. >> absolutely. charles: put their lives on the line and sometimes do it better than anybody else. >> absolutely, charles, and as you referenced your friend can't way to get back. it's a livelihood, a profession, there is a bit of
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a adrenaline rush there and they are building and quite frankly had we left the transition force there, i believe we wouldn't be in this situation right now. but here we are. charles: yeah. >> so they're out there hustling. but bottom line is, you've got goth to use common sense. i don't care how comfortable you get, you always have to watch your back. charles: yeah. rob, what do you know if your terms of us ever truly ever going to leave iraq, leave them to their own resources, own security, and they can take care of this country without folding like a "house of cards"? >> it's going to be difficult for us to leave without -- you know, we need to -- abintermediary there and there's a lot of -- especially isis. i think these people are based on where they were -- they were grabbed in southern baghdad, controlled by a lot of shi'a and militias. those two faxes are going to be there. the shi'a kind of run the government. the security forces are the ones that are successful are backed by, you know, iran and those militias. so it's going to take a lot --
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other than the split of iraq in the three different states the kurds, shi'a, and militia, they'll be out now looking for these three americans. it's a mess now, will be a mess for a while, and they're going to need us there along with other allies from different sunni, arab countries. charles: wow. hopefully at some point we learn how to win over there and hand it on of in some way. thanks a lot, guys. well, donald trump claims he has a great relationship with god. that we know but trump was caught in a serious flak on social media today after he flubbed a bible verse at a rally at a christian school. tweet me your thoughts. i know you know all about the hashtag. corinthians. tweet me i'm @cvpayne your path to retirement may not always be clear.
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>> we're going to protect christianity, and i can say that. i don't have to be politically correct or -- we're going to protect.
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two corinthians 3:17 that's the whole ball game where the spirit of the lord; right? where the spirit of the lord is -- there is liberty. christianity, it's under siege. i'm a presbyterian, very proud of it. charles: donald trump doing his best to get the evangelical vote but some are saying that he might hurt himself here a little bit. joining me now. todd, you had some really interesting tweets as this whole thing was sort of going on at liberty. what's your thoughts. >> well, you know, charles, i actually got to speak at liberty university, that same podium there. so i know how intimidating that big crowd of kids can be. look, i understand that why donald trump did what he did, and i think he was trying to reach out to this demographic of young evangelical voters. but i'm not quite sure he pulled it off there. you know, sort of -- and a lot of people are giving him grief for stumbling over the bible
6:23 pm
verse. you know, that happens -- but at least he gave it a shot or didn't trying to baptize anybody. it could have been worse. charles: it could have been. look, i know you're a fan but russell moore from the southern baptist convention really lit into donald trump today after this. and i'm sure ruffled a few other feathers. what do you make of the whole thing? >> i don't want to get into who's hollier than thou. charles: it's so funny because the candidates are. >> well, to some degree. but here's the important thing. we have two strong candidates they're both outsiders and ted cruz is appealing to his base, he has a strong grassroot support, $20 million in the bank. a lot of super pac money as well. so he can defend himself against donald trump, who is a formably opponent. this is the super bowl in politics and nobody wants a shutout game. so i think it's absolutely great that we're seeing this competition. charles: right. >> and i will say we have to turn out the evangelical vote.
6:24 pm
if we don't, we're toast and that's the gospel truth. charles: you wanted to say something. >> i think this is the issue and evangelicals are very perplexed over what to do with donald trump. and i read those comments that dr. moore, who is the president of the erlc. listen, that's the largest in the country. but the big issue is is this going to impact ted cruz in iowa? and i don't believe so. because the grassroots level, they really are going to -- for those evangelical voters. charles: right. >> they're going to be looking at the candidate's heart, not necessarily the rhetoric. charles: jillian, 2012 evangelicals are 57%. so we know the importance in iowa. i -- does it matter beyond iowa? >> yeah. it's very vital to american politics. and to your point, i understand getting up in front of a room full of evangelicals -- intimidating but come on this is not donal donald trump's first flub
6:25 pm
about christianity. we not only got the two corinthians but him talking about communion in a disrespectful way. >> double your tithes. that's what i say. charles: well, here's the thing, though. we know it's important, there's a lot of different constituencies out there. but does trump now in your opinion clean it up or move on? >> i think he should just move it on. and let me say something about the citizenship issue. donald trump is doing ted cruz a favor by bringing up the question of his citizenship and eligibility to run for president now. let's not have an -- >> it's so nice of him to do that. >> it's so nice of him. >> not tunistic at all. charles: that's what you get in the super bowl. >> but ted cruz who will overcome it just like john mccain did. charles: fantastic stuff. thanks a lot. well, on the other end of the ledger, we have bernie versus hillary. the debate really heated up last night the big question is
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>> we've been through this. have i ever once said a word about that issue? no, i have not. i'm going to debate secretary clinton and governor o'malley on the issues facing the american people. . charles: well, so much for senator bernie sanders not bringing up bill clinton's
6:30 pm
past into the political arena. both sanders and hillary clinton squared off last night in a democratic debate bringing up everything from health care to gun control. and although the race is tight in iowa and new hampshire, there is a new wall street journal nbc poll showing that hillary's actually widen her lead nationally 59 to 34 for sanders. we do have, though, breaking news. another bombshell out right now from the state department shows that a top official at the agency suggested to hillary clinton's aid that on august 2011 that the then secretary of state began using a government e-mail account to protect against unexpected outages at her private e-mail server. but the e-mail show that there was a push back on this suggestion. back with me tammy bruce, rich and also dave nelson. and i spoke to judge napolitano last week. he said there's two new smoking guns, this sounds like a third. >> well, i pretty much had
6:31 pm
said because it was one of the most convenient things, we happen to have this private server at the house, and this shows that people were taking note of this and warning about it and urging her to use the official e-mail like everyone else and her team resisted it. so it's just another occasion, she's in hot water depending on what the fbi decides to do in terms of recommending charges. charles: you know, a lot of people saying that she should be looked athe a lot closer as sort of a -- not fall guy gal but someone who actually was able to help hillary circumvent a lot of the rules. >> well, i think she is. and gets one of the issues about who they're looking at with the recovery of probably the 30,000 e-mails that you -- hillary's operating as a team. and we've seen that in the e-mails as well. the involvement of everyone. the interesting thing of course is that if they remind, they could be warned of, look, there's outages, also warn at one point we could hide your
6:32 pm
identity but these things would be still open for requests. there were several crashes of her server. we know that that was the case and these are warnings coming from the state department saying there is so much at risk here. this doesn't make any sense, they said. and yet for some reason even with those warnings, fuma pushed back and said, no, there's such an investment behaving in this manor you know that i would have to resume and need to be separate from the system. charles: apparently there was even a blackberry quipped with a state e-mail offered during one of these meetings and apparently that was ignored or pushed away. >> i guess what i'm looking for right now is what senator sanders -- does he use this information? does he go on the attack and break his vow that he wouldn't go on the attack? i think at some point he's going to use this because this goes all the way back to 2011. i think the push back from the campaign is notable. charles: this is huge stuff. we're going to keep getting more details on this for you.
6:33 pm
it just broke just now. i also want to talk about bernie sanders and his schemes rather that really -- they're not working for anyone in the world. give me an example. france just declared an economic state of the emergency. nevertheless, david, this is the economic proposal that bernie sanders wants us to take. hard taxes, more punishing wealth, punishing success, punishing businesses, france unemployment almost at the all-time high. it's just a disaster. >> you know, you can tell an election is coming in france and president holland is looking to stem what he calls an economic crisis. and it is a crisis because if you look inside of france, and you look at the socialist policies there, it's very difficult to fire anybody. the 35-hour workweek is a birthright. and he's going to try to bring this type of rhetoric and this type of action to our shores and unemployment in the world on -- for youth especially in france could translate to our shores here in the united states.
6:34 pm
charles: you know what i don't get, guys, is how come bernie makes it sound sexy, though? he can get 20,000 millennials in a room and they're, like, pumping, pumping, pumping, he's, like, 75% tax. no, forget that. 90% tax. when you look at history, more recently it's france and greece, it doesn't work. >> well, liberals are not familiar with basic economic laws and economic history and economic experience around the world or they wouldn't be liberals in the first place. but this is the kind of message that is really driving and inspiring the best estimate face and for hillary it's terrifying. it would be understandable to lose in 2008 to a generational political talent in the form of barack obama. what excuse is there of being against the ropes to a 74-year-old socialist from vermont. charles: and yet he is pulling her further and further to the left. and, by the way, any day now elizabeth warren is going to give her come back from. what if that's bernie sanders? >> at least with barack obama
6:35 pm
he was vague and even referred to reagan okays. now we've got bernie sanders who is not at all pulling back on what he wants to do. and it does rely on a base now that is uneducated effectively that really is relying exclusive on emotions. nothing about the facts of the matter in history. and for hillary this is the problem. she wanted to run as an incumbent. charles: you mean the core nation. >> yes. but she wanted to run as if the general is happening now. now she's into such a position to where i don't think she's going to be able to pull back enough to be able to make sense of the general election . charles: real quick today. the market's closed today, open tomorrow, should we look at another tough week on the markets? >> i think it's going to be a skittish week of the market. but oil is a big issue. oil now below $29. that can translate to other sectors of the economy. bank of america ceo is now monitoring the credit profiles that live in the zip code of
6:36 pm
energy-producing states. charles: well, we heard united airlines blame oil for that stuff. by the way, north dakota is a small rough crude went to 50 cents a barrel. by the way, does the stock market predict who's going to be the next president? unfortunately, for hillary. we'll be right back feel a cold coming on?
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charles: right now it's all about national security and safety but the stock market plays a luge role in the market. how big? well, 86% of the time how it performance in a three months before determines the winner
6:39 pm
charles: so does the stock market predict the presidential elections? well, if you look at invest tech analysis over the last 22 elections, the answer is overwhelmingly, yes. when the s&p was positive in the three months leading to the election, the incumbent party won. that's an accuracy rate of 86%.
6:40 pm
so if we keep seeing what we're seeing right now there's a good chance that there won't be a democrat in the white house come november. jillian and david nelson. senator brown, i mean, listen. ultimately, though, doesn't it in connection with back -- i know we're really worried national security has dominated the headlines but when people start to think the last seven, eight years economically i've taken a brutal beating. >> yeah. and the democratic response is all they talked about was raising taxes, taking more of your hard-earned money, attack, attack, attack, divide, divide quarterback divide, versus when you talk about the republican debate what do they talk about? they talk about national security and jobs in the economy, how they would restructure the tax code to make it more favorable, to individuals and businesses, lowering the corporate tax rate. creating regulatory and tax uncertainty and that's the difference. so, charles, i hope you're right open. on the one hand i want the market to be solid and everyone making good money but on the other hand if it is a good indicator, we are going
6:41 pm
to have a republican president, and i think that will go a long way because you referenced also earlier housing and the ability for people to pay the bills. 50% in new hampshire. 50% of people's income goes to paying housing. charles: yeah, rents gone straight up, income straight down. if you're trapped renting, you are in a serious pickle ever owning a house, jillian. >> so true. especially here in new york it's a big issue. but i think what democrats are trying to do strategically. they know that these are bad signs. it's not just the substantiating, everything from home prices to gas prices that can also be a predictive factor. i think they're trying to bridge that by playing the issue of income inequality. maybe you've had a rougher time and it's their fault. charles: except it's run did i a democratic. by the way, guys, very few times this has arced. the last time it worked, 1980. so that year the market was up 6.7% but the republicans won.
6:42 pm
there's a malaise out there; right? >> i think these are very important issues that you're bringing up and talking about every evening that could easily bring the backseat. you see the market down 20% midsummer. i'm going to be wrong because we will be in a he re: session at that point because that's an indication of that. and in the end, server capitalist. people vote with their wallets. down 20% -- charles: although some people think capitalism is just getting a check in a mail. no, essentially that's what bernie sanders is selling you because somebody in the past was mistreated, you deserve an extra helping hand. but this is what i don't get and this is what i want to see a little bit more as this goes on. the republicans articulate why lower taxes are good for everyone. >> if you watched the debate, you had a pretty clear understanding that every single one of them had a good start to a good effort on tax reform and good start to move
6:43 pm
forward on regulatory reform. what those that mean to the middle class and upper class? >> that's going to have to cross both political aisles for that to happen. >> it is. your economic fate, you're the master of it. democrats, it's pointing -- charles: pull yourself up by the bootstraps. >> it's going to take two sides to get this done. it's not going to be like obama's doing with the executive order. you're going to have to find some democrats. charles: well, point is, though, republicans -- recollect this why it works. pressure on the democrats do the right thing. >> amen. all right, guys, the british prime minister says women must learn english or risk being deported. plus the debate over uk today to ban trump. i know it was dumb, they had it and it was for three hours. got some good bites out of it. we'll be right back when cigarette cravings hit, all i can think about is getting relief. only nicorette mini has a patented fast-dissolving formula. it starts to relieve sudden cravings fast. i never know when i'll need relief.
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charles: today members of british parliament today debated whether donald trump should be banned from the u.k. after creating a firestorm there, british prime minister david cameron is opposing the ban, saying that muslim women must learn english. he suggested that poor english girls might make migrants more susceptible to the isis. in america we have talked about people should have to learn english. asimulation is a big issue in europe.
6:48 pm
>> if you look in britain in particular, how immigrant women do not speak english. this is a huge problem. it is defended on civil right perspective, it is the wrong way of looking at it, they are vulnerable. these women need to be assimilated, not closeted away. this is a great way to do it. charles: some saying this is too little with respect to changing the culture, to jill ian's point, the culture that invites treatment of women. >> we have to be careful to not get into nation building. charles: not having our nation -- nations rebuilt. >> right. first of all, secondly it is interesting what is going on
6:49 pm
in great britain, but the british can't vote in presidential elections here. i am concerned about the 7 million musliming in the u.s., membership who are law abiding citizens who need to adapt to our cultty and help police their culture. >> i don't know, i think we need to pay close attention to what is happening in url right now, what is happening there, because these muslims do not want to assimilate that is going to happen here, we have so the the ground work for, that everyone time you argue, we need's common language that language is english, people go crazy. this is a very important issue. we need to pay attention what is happening over there. if we do not, then we'll have hell to play. charles: they only speak their language, they watch satellite
6:50 pm
tv. in american we're a melting pot but we have shared common values, like the pledge of allegiance. that is not going to happen in europe. you may have a turkey soccer team playing a german soccer team it would be crazy. >> i think that u.s. has been lucky in this so much of the migration, of the immigration have been people from shared cultures, they may speak spanish but they have a judeo christian heritage, we see a change in faith. asimulation will be a bigger problem. charles: before you go u.k. thing, anybody see this. >> whole premise is he ban him because of hate speech, is he giving hate speech, but free speech is a principle. >> i have given thought to this. we took in pierce morgan. they could take donald trump. charles: i 11 a new word.
6:51 pm
a watch doc, an annoying person. donald trump talked about 9/11 to county new york values barb thrown by ted cruz. my passion on new york values, is next.
6:52 pm
marco rubio. he ran for senate saying he opposed amnesty... then he flipped, and worked with liberal chuck schumer to co-author the path to citizenship bill. he threatened to vote against it. and then voted for it. he supported his own dream act and then he abandoned it. marco rubio. just another washington politician you can't trust. jeb bush. he's a leader, so you always know where he stands. right to rise usa is responsible for the content of this message.
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so all you have to do is search for the car you want, there it is. now you're an expert in less than a minute. this is how car buying was always meant to be. this is truecar. ♪ charles: since the g.o.p. debate a lot has been made about new york city values. some say respected by selfless act of our first responders. but from a political and economic point of view there is a huge disconnect. elite progressives of manhattan have been scorned by middle america for decade, that not ne new. their solutions from well higher regulation they have helped keep wealthy and powerful there but middle
6:55 pm
class and poor forever wanting ladder 4 battalion 9 lost more men than any other firehouse on that day, that firehouse is locate down this street, across is a wonderful park that is dedicated in their honor, every time, including this past september 11 it is mostly empty, only people sitting there are firefighters and their families, i hope this year those new yorkers were offended by ted cruz's comes take a minute out of your busy day to visit the firehouse. that is more authentic than your fake outrage. welcome back guys. jamie colby is joining us. what do you make of it, todd, you live in new york, but you are a southerner. >> i have lived among the
6:56 pm
liberal people of brooklyn for 10 years, we're talking about duck dynasty values versus new york. and i thought it was dise disen -- of donald trump to make this a 9/11 issue. that is not what ted cruz was talking about. i believe there is a value system here. that is share by money. that is -- many that is coming out of hollywood, they make us like the anomalies, when they are the anomalies. charles: the elitists are on the coast, and people in the middle feel like their voices have not been heard. we know a lot of hard working people. having said that, i am not as concerned, i don't care about the social issues. i am concerned with the economic policies that made poor people poorer.
6:57 pm
>> you have de blasio administration one of the most far left speaking for new york. i don't think that represents new york economic ethics. i am from wyoming, part of the reasons that i love new york so much, people are here because they want to be here, they have a fire, they have ambition. i think there is nothing or whermore american. charles: jamie colby you are a world traveler. what do you think of the whole thing? >> i am a 9/11 survivors, i was in the world trade center, i will never 23e forget, when i was able to travel again, people in los angeles said we saw it on tv, it didn't really affect us, we just turned tv off. i am glad you are bringing it back. everyone on this campaign
6:58 pm
trail said something that is offended somebody, and every other candidate has pointed fingers. i wish we could get away from that, and back to the issues. that is the only way that any of us will benefit. charles: i agree. i want to know what the winner will do to make us great again. we have some new episodes of "strange inheritance" tonight can you told us. >> all these candidates want a piece of the white house. i held a piece of the white house in my hands from 1902, after the war of 1812, when the white house of destroyed. people may not know that history, they will learn it tonight, they will see this historic piece from the white house, that has 17 coats of paint on it. that actually shows every administration, we brought it to a paint analyst, we have some sound to tell you about white house, this is bill a
6:59 pm
white house historian. >> i said can i send pictures. >> your initial reaction? >> i thought is looked suspicious. so, i just did not tell him much until i reseened it. >> did you say leave it in the attic 50 years it will be fine. >> i was too curious for that. >> it was in the attic for 100 years, we also have orphan car collection. not because they were abandons, car companies that are extincts basically. you will see them at 9 and 9:30 on "strange inheritance," brand-new. charles: love the show, can't wait thank you very much.
7:00 pm
charles: fantastic stuff thank you. at home, thank you, watching every night 6 p.m., can't see the show? dvr it, the market is open tomorrow, we'll walk you through it. but for now lou dobbs is next on fox business. lou: good evening i'm lou dobbs issue three americans traded as part of a controversial prisoner swap with iran are now in germany, they are one step closer to reuniting with their families, a fourth prisoner decided to stay in iran, a fifth, student left separately. president obama hailing this exchange ha he orchestrated that start, disciplined diplomacy can work, but critics say this proof that president has allowed americans to be used at pawns


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